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Mr. Samuel J. Clarke , from Prof. Jay L. Nadeau’s group (McGill University), received the CQVB prize for his poster entitled 'Functionalization of quantum dot nanoparticles for biological applications'  which was presented during the Nano2007 conference held in Montreal last February 7th 2007.


The organizers of MRS Symposium Z, due to the generosity of the Whitaker Foundation, offered Shahabeddin Faghihi travel support in the form of complimentary student registration fees to the Fall MRS meeting in Boston.


On May 12, 2004, Mr. John K. Grey successfully defended his  Ph.D. thesis in the Department of Chemistry, under the co-supervision of Professor Ian S. Butler at McGill and Professor Christian Reber at the University of Montreal. The thesis was entitled “Vibronic Luminescence Properties of Tetragonal Transition Metal Complexes” and he has been awarded a NSERC, a FQRNT and an American Chemical Society PRF postdoctoral fellowship to go to work with Professor Paul Barbara at the University of Texas in Austin. John has accepted the PRF fellowship and had to decline the other two awards. To date, 10 publications have resulted from his Ph.D. thesis work.

Neelambar KAIPATUR from the McGill Faculty of Dentistry - CIHR Training Program in Skeletal Health, Summer Bursary 2004.

Yung-Ching CHIEN from the McGill Faculty of Dentistry - CIHR Training Program in Skeletal Health Studentship, 2003-2004.

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