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Access to the CBB facilities

Complete the facilities
requisition form (if applicable) which will be handled within 24 Hrs (work day) upon contact with following coordinators:

Line Mongeon
Research Technician
(514) 398-2878



For the CBB facilities: free of charge for CBB members 

For FEMR: CBB members can use the FEMR equipment for minimum cost. Arrangements can be done to cover the cost by CBB. 

For other centers (LASM, (CM)2, and Center for Bone and Periodontal research):

Accessibility to associate centers can be facilitated through CBB via common service support.

LIST OF PRINCIPAL EQUIPMENT:                           

 (In order to play the video clips below your multimedia player needs to have access to the DivX video codec. Version 5.0.2 is available here.)

 At the FEMR situated at McGill University: (VIDEO)

Transmission electron microscopes
Scanning electron microscopes
Confocal microscopes
Ultra microtome units
Jet freezing device
Critical point dryer
Au and carbon coaters


 At the CM2 situated at Polytechnique de Montréal : (VIDEO)

Focus ion beam (FIB)
Field emission gun transmission electron microscopy (FEG-TEM)
Auger microscopy
X-ray Diffraction
Image analyser


At the LASM situated at Polytechnique de Montréal: (VIDEO)

XPS (Escalab NK2)
FTIR (Transmission, microscope, ATR and reflection)


At the Center for Bone and Periodontal Research situated at McGill University: (VIDEO)

Imaging and Biomechanics
Micro computer tomography (micro-CT)
Bone densitometer (PIXIMus)
Live Imaging
Micro biomechanical testing (MACH-1)
Paraffin processing
Plastic processing
Diamond saw
Image analyser
Immunochemical and radiochemical assays
Equipment for cell and tissues cultures
Animal services


At the IMI situated at Boucherville (south to Montreal): (VIDEO)


Clean room

Hot embossing

At the Nanotools situated at McGill University:

 Lab equipment:

Furnace Processes
Dry Etch
Wet Processes
Metals/Dielectrics Deposition
Atomic Manipulation Facility


At the Optical Spectroscopy laboratory situated at McGill University:

FTIR Microscope
FT-Raman Spectrometer
Laser Raman Microprobe spectrometer


McGill IR Group:

FTIR Microscope
FTIR Spectrometers 


At the Biomat’x laboratory at McGill University:

Atomic Force microscope
Contact Angle
Differential Scanning Calorimeter DSC
Freeze Dryer
Infra Red Spectrophotometer FTIR
High Performance Particle Sizer HPPS
Epifluorescence Microscope
Binocular Microscope
Quartz Crystal Microgravimitry QCM
High Pressure Liquid Chromatography HPLC ( Pump P100, UV 100, FL3000)
Ultra Centrifuge


At the Center for Trace Element Analysis at McGill

X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometer
X-Ray Diffraction spectrometer
Gradient ion chromatography
Atomic absorption spectrometers (3 units)
Miscellaneous analytical procedures

Scanning electron microprobe


At the CBB

With the last subvention, CBB was able to acquire a Zeta potential analyzer which is available to all members.


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